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We hire people with all abilities.

Why? We believe disabilities are a part of being human, and that all people should be treated like a human being, not their disability. The disability community is the most inclusive minority community because it includes people from every gender, race, age, and religion.

Understanding is where disability awareness begins. Every individual with or without disabilities functions differently. While some disabilities can easily be seen (physical disabilities), there are many that are "hidden". For example: Autism, developmental and intellectual disabilities, as well as epileptic, orthopedic, respiratory, heart, and many other sensory conditions.

However, the one thing that is the same between the different types of disabilities, is that EVERY person with a disability can work and should have the opportunity to work.

According to Source America, "nearly 70% of working-age people with disabilities are unemployed. Whether negative perceptions are born from ignorance, fear, or misunderstanding, they keep some employers from appreciating the full potential of a person with a disability."

Education and awareness are the first steps to provide people with disabilities greater access to economical and social independence.

Our WA partners
Trillium Employment Services

For our Washington State locations, we work with Trillium Employment Services to coordinate staffing for our stores. Together, we find people who are passionate about our mission to provide a positive, engaging, and inclusive work environment.

Current Open Positions

Assistant Manager

Are you a go-getter who is well-organized, passionate about helping support others to complete daily work tasks, and want to work in an inclusive work environment? Ideal candidates will have experience working with individuals with disabilities (i.e. para education, special education, job coaching, etc.).

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Sales Associate

Are you interested in becoming one of our hardworking, kind, and talented sales associates? We are currently not accepting applications, but you can contact Trillium Employment to see if you qualify for their services!

Email LeEllen Ferguson at Trillium