It started with a blessing and a look towards the future...

When our “Molly” was diagnosed with Autism at 2 years old, our love never faltered, our unwavering commitment to her only began, but thoughts of Molly’s future were always on Jim’s mind. How would she integrate and be accepted by society? What resources are available for her to be successful in school, in life, and in work? These questions and more, were things our family constantly thought about as Molly grew. All the while, Jim looked toward the future and what would happen when Molly would get out of school, what could he do to help set up a future for her, as job opportunities are dismal for people with Autism and other Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities. Jim wanted Molly to be employed and live a "normal life" as she aged out of the education system and enter into adulthood, but is that a reality? Then, the idea and to create an inclusive work environment for not just Molly, but as Molly would say, “her friends” started to resonate in Jim’s heart and mind.

The development of the dream...

Over time, the question for Jim became - What type of business could he open that could serve a need and spread some joy while employing some incredible people like Molly. Couple of Socks became the solution. Open a novelty socks store where people with Autism and other Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities can not only work, but flourish. Do tons of research, speak with dozens of store owners and managers all over the country, visit clothing trade shows and seek out the best in products. Then start contemplating the perfect location involving a lot of patience, prayer, and more patience. Waiting for God to open the right doors, making important connections, getting everything to fall into place, this was not something we could force into existence.

The blessing, the dream, they became reality...

Doors have been opened, people, organizations and companies have graciously blessed us beyond our wildest dreams. We secured “the” location and everything fell into place. Working with Simon Mall management for our location, working with Trillium Employment Services for our staffing, working with vendors to get our fun store stocked. Everything came to be, just the way it was destined to be. In reality, Jim sees God’s handiwork all over Couple of Socks as our first brick-and-mortar store opens. We are a really cool socks store that solely exists to create employment opportunities for individuals with Autism and other Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities. A socks store on the surface, but that’s our disguise, we have a workplace with a little more love, patience, understanding, and created job opportunities for our staff to flourish.

Learn about our focus

Our sole goal is to provide employment opportunities and interaction experiences for a whole community of people who typically don't get those fundamental human rights, working and interacting in society. We want to employ as many people that we can without the expectation of personal gain.